Why Should I Buy Business Radios Instead of Consumer Walkie Talkies?

Business Radios or Consumer Radios?

If you are in the process of buying two way radios for your business and you’re wondering why you should spend $150 or more on a single two way radio when you can buy a two-pack of walkie talkies for $99, this post is for you. Consumer walkie talkies, or Talkabouts, have their purpose, but it’s not for everyday business use. Business radios are built specifically to improve communication and safety in your business. We’ll break down some specific differences between the two below.

When Should I Buy Consumer Walkie Talkies?

Talkabouts are less expensive walkie talkies that are intended to be used for non-business use, most commonly for things like camping, hiking, or family cruises. These radios are meant to be used a few weekends out of the year. They are not intended to be used every day for years to come – they may get the range that you need for your business, but the audio quality, durability, and longevity or these walkie talkies will be disappointing. They are good for what they are made for, but they will not live up to the standards of everyday business use.

When Should I Buy Business Radios?

Business two way radios are made with the specific purpose of improving communication, safety, and customer happiness in your business. Whether you are buying for a restaurant, construction site, nursing home, school, or other business, there are radios that are designed to meet your needs. Business radios are made to be used all day, every day for years to come. They can withstand drops on concrete, harsh rains, loud and dirty environments, and some are even waterproof. They offer the greatest audio quality and durability on the market and will undoubtedly improve business operations.

If you aren’t sure which business two way radio is best for your specific use, you can visit our Radios by Industry page or give us a call at 888-560-0758. We offer a variety of business radios, accessories, and combo packs to meet your needs.

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