3 Reasons Your School Needs Two Way Radios

Two way radios are a necessity for schools today.

While schools vary drastically in size and environment, the need for communication and safety is the same from preschools all the way up to universities. In this article, we’ll give you three reasons why your school needs two way radios, whether you’re a one-building private school or an entire college campus.

1) Two Way Radios Keep Students Safe

Emergency preparedness in schools is more critical than ever before. One of the best ways to combat threats or natural disasters is to be sure that every person is accounted for and knows what is going on quickly and discretely. Two way radios give staff members the ability to share information instantaneously with one another and be sure that the message gets across clearly. Some two way radios, such as the Motorola RMU2080, even offer a weather alert feature that can warn of storms or other disasters.

Motorola two way radios keep students safe while they’re playing at recess or while they’re learning in the classroom.

2) Two Way Radios Improve Employee Efficiency

Communicating to the right people in a school building can be confusing. Two way radios allows staff to reach the person that they need without leaving classrooms or asking around. Putting administrators, janitorial staff, and teachers on separate channels makes it easy for staff members to communicate with only those people that need to hear it. Keeping the school clean has never been easier with immediate access to the janitorial team. Being able to reach each department immediately will cut down on wasted time and let each employee focus on the job at hand.

3) Two Way Radios Make Operations Smoother

One common use for two way radios is the morning and afternoon carpool lines. Directing traffic can be a major headache, but walkie talkies allow staff to quickly communicate with one another in order to keep cars moving and finish the process as quickly and smoothly as possible. Not only will staff members appreciate the ease of communication, parents will be able to pick their children up more quickly than ever before.

Two way radios enhance productivity in the classroom and throughout the school campus.

There are many different two way radios available for schools of different sizes. Visiting our Two Way Radios For Schools section can help you decide which two way radio best meets your needs. You can also give us a call at 888-560-0758 to discuss your specific needs.

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